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                Myself Dr.Nilam Pravin Chavan M.D.(AYURVEDA) from R.A.Poddar medical college, Worli Mumbai. practicing Ayurveda, Panchakarma, and Cosmetology since 2009in islampur (Sangli-Maharashtra). We have treated male& female infertility, dermatological or skin problems, joint disorders, neurological problems, digestive and respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, and other chronic conditions successfully. We are having an Indoor facility, a well-equipped Panchakarma center with well-trained staff with cosmetic preparation lab.


We are having company VEDARAMBHAESSENTIALS  which is ISO certified under which we are conducting cosmetic making workshop in which we are teaching skincare, haircare, body care, lip care, products like creams, lotions, shampoos, lip balms, lipsticks by using Ayurveda principles. in these workshops more than 400  Ayurveda doctors and students have participated.


We are in ayurvedic cosmetic production for 11 years, previously we were serving ayurvedic formulations in the forms of oils, face packs and hairpacksetc ,now we started handmade cosmetics which are customized in the modern and innovative form likevyangahar cream(anti melasma),under-eye cream, Kanti Prabha lotion,ayurvedicconditioners, shampoos, and other hair care products. Inlipcare range we are having lip scrubs, lip balms, lipsticks etc. all are paraben-free, skin-friendly loaded with herbs .we r also having herbal soaps like Haldi Chandan,ubatan,kesharchandanetc.we supplies these products pan India to many Ayurveda doctors, parlors in a bulk, also we provide these products in a retail.

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