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1) ANTIACNE FACEWASH - 180 Rs for 120 ml

 Enriched with goodness of Neem & Triphala. It removes excess oil & impurities. Neem Triphala act as antiseptic & antibacterial.

2) ANTIACNE FACEPACK - 50 Rs for 30 gm

It contains Neem, Lodhra & Haridra which reduces acne, balance sebum production. Can be used twice or thrice in a week.

3) ANTIACNE GEL - 150 Rs for 100 gm

It contains Lodhra, Clhanyak, Vekhanda, Neem, Tea tree & Essential oil. Helps to heal acne, reduces oiliness of skin. Helps to clear black spot.



₹380.00 Regular Price
₹304.00Sale Price
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