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Key ingredient and its benefits

Natural ayurvedic lipsticks enriched with ayuvedic herbs like Manjishtha  which lightens the lips ,Raktachandan  havind detanning  effect helps to improve the colour of the lips&Yashtimadhu  having moisturising effect which is good for dry lips. with goodness of Shea butter which gives ultra moisturising effect .Castor oil gives shine to lips gives smoothness. Almond oil gives nutrition , Coconut oil gives nourishment, Vitamine E  which is a natural antioxidant rejuvenates the lips, which softens the lips. Colors used in this are FDA aprooved which are safe .


Features and details

Handmade, Made with LOVE ,filled with the goodness of nature.

Paraben ,sulphate  and lead  and animal product free.

Mini Glossy Lipstick 24 shades in Two Trial Pack

₹750.00 Regular Price
₹712.50Sale Price
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